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Chemi FP, HRP substrate, 20 ml WBS-FP-20

Gel Company

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Chemi FP, HRP substrate, 20 ml WBS-FP-20

Chemi FP is the most sensitive HRP substrate available from Gel Company for chemiluminescent Western blotting. With attomole sensitivity and a long-lasting signal, Chemi FP allows you to detect bands not visualized with other substrates. High signal-to-noise and a large dynamic range make it ideal for quantifying low-intensity bands. Chemifluorescence emission allows Chemi FP to be imaged by chemifluorescence imagers in addition to traditional CCD imagers and film.

20 ml, for 200 cm2 membrane

• Detect low-abundance proteins
• Low background for high signal-to-noise ratio
• Long-lasting signal for flexible imaging
• Image chemiluminescence by CCD or film, image chemifluorescence with laser-based fluorescence imaging systems.

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