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Large Tank Electroblotter, 20 x20 cm VEP-2020-TB

Gel Company

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Large Tank Electroblotter, 20 x20 cm VEP-2020-TB

Large Tank Electroblotting System is designed to provide uniform, reproducible protein transfers for larger sized gels or multiple mini gels. This system provides rapid, efficient transfers of polyacrylamide protein gels. A removable cooling block allows for efficient heat transfer. Stir bars may be added to the bottom of the buffer chamber to circulate buffer and provide consistent cooling. The cassettes are coded to ensure proper anode/cathode orientation. The cassette is designed to allow for easy loading of the gel sandwich and locks securely for loading into the buffer chamber. These features make this the preferred system for large gel blots. Complete system includes buffer chamber with stainless steel cathode plate and titanium anode plate, safety interlocking lid with attached power supply leads and cooling module, 2 blotting cassettes with foam pads, blotting filter paper (25 sheets, 20 x 20cm).

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