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Double sided non-cooled vertical system, 10x10cm P8DS-1010-NC

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Double sided non-cooled vertical system, 10x10cm P8DS-1010-NC

Double sided non-cooled vertical system, 10cm x 10cm w/casting base. The Owl P8DS can quickly and easily cast and run 1 or 2 gels in the same device. When used with the available combs, spacers, alumina and glass plates, it is the perfect tool for second dimension protocols of 2-D electrophoresis, SDS and agarose gels, and native PAGE electrophoresis.

The unique agarose plug method makes casting gel simple and quick. Gel assemblies do not have to be moved once set-up. The two individual steps of casting and running in different devices are now combined.

The design allows for a very simple clamping mechanism that makes loading glass cassettes and most manufacturers pre cast gels trouble free.

Complete system includes upper buffer chamber with internal cooling core, lower buffer chamber, lid with attached power supply leads, 4 blank glass plates, 2 notched glass plates, 2 Alumina plates, 4 side spacers (0.8 mm thick), blocking plate, spacer placer and 2 combs (10 well, 0.8 mm thick)

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