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MUPID-EXU horizontal electrophoresis system w/attchd pwr supply MPDEXU-01

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MUPID-EXU horizontal electrophoresis system w/attchd pwr supply MPDEXU-01

The MUPID-exU is a new generation submarine electrophoresis system and includes a detachable, multi function power supply, direct visible gel box with high UV transmittance, a safety shut-off interlock cover, multichannel compatible gel loading combs, gel pouring stand, and a built in timer for set runs or continuous run modes.


UV-transparent plastic

The Mupid-exU System is made of highly UV-transparent plastic (transmission: 50% at 254 nm, 80% at 312 nm), allowing direct observation of bands during gel electrophoresis following placement of the tank on a transilluminator.
High sample capacity - compatible with multichannel pipettors

The Mupid-exU System allows simultaneous gel electrophoresis of up to 104 samples in a single gel (26 wells x 4 rows or a total of 96 samples + 8 markers).
The Mupid-exU System is wider than the original Mupid gel electrophoresis equipment and can accommodate 13 or 26 lanes, enabling sample loading with multichannel pipettors (9 mm depth for 13 wells, 4.5 mm depth for 26 wells).
Timer function

The timer can be set to a range of 1–99 minutes and includes an alarm function.
A memory function is provided for storage of the previous timer and output settings.
Variation of input and output voltages

Output voltage can be selected from among 7 levels (18V, 25V, 35V, 50V, 70V, 100V and 135V). Input voltage can be set between 100–240V, allowing worldwide use.

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