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CleanSpin, Spin Column, 200 preps DRK-200

Gel Company

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CleanSpin, Spin Column, 200 preps DRK-200

The CleanSpin Gel DNA Recovery Kit provides simple, rapid methods for the purification and concentration of high quality DNA from agarose gel slices. The product features a single buffer system that allows for efficient dissolving of agarose gel slices and the subsequent adsorption of DNA onto the matrices of the supplied spin columns. The DNA is washed twice then eluted with a small volume of water. The entire DNA purification/concentration procedure typically takes about 15-20 minutes.

The procedure is easy: simply add the specially formulated Agarose Dissolving Buffer (ADB„™) to the gel slice containing your DNA sample, let dissolve, and transfer the mixture to the supplied column then spin, wash, and elute the DNA. There is no need for organic denaturants or chloroform. Instead, the product utilizes a unique column technology to yield high quality, purified DNA in just minutes. DNA purified using the CleanSpin Gel DNA Recovery Kit is perfectly suited for use in DNA ligation reactions, sequencing, DNA labeling reactions, PCR, etc. Spin Column format, 50 preps

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