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microClean 5 x 1 mL 2MCL-05

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microClean 5 x 1 mL 2MCL-05

microCLEAN is an extremely rapid and simple, one tube, one and a half spin DNA cleanup reagent. It can be used to clean up or concentrate any type of double stranded DNA, efficiently removing reaction buffers, enzymes, primers, primer dimers or dNTPs (labeled or unlabeled). It is therefore ideally suited to clean up PCR fragments, labeled probes, sequencing reactions etc. An easy, €˜no mess€™ protocol, it requires NO additional manipulation, i.e. no phenol extractions, ethanol precipitations, glass milk or spin columns are required and the protocol takes less than 15 minutes to complete. Compared to most other reagents and techniques, microCLEAN is very versatile. There is no limit to the size of the target DNA to be purified by this method and the protocol can be adapted for any sample size. After microCLEAN, the DNA can be resuspended in any desired volume. microCLEAN offers 100% recovery of clean DNA for further processing.

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