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Microcentrifuge, mini, 13,500 rpm, Blue CGM1312-110B

Gel Company

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Microcentrifuge, mini, 13,500 rpm, Blue CGM1312-110B
Microcentrifuge, mini, with 12-Microtube Fixed Angle Rotor.
Includes 12 x 0.2/0.5 ml adaptors. Max. 13,500 rpm with 12-hole microrotor (110V, 50/60Hz), Blue

1730R specs:

RF-m2.0-12 Fixed Angle Rotor 12 x 1.5/2.0 ml
RF-m1.8-10 Fixed Angle Rotor 10 x 1.8 ml
RA-s0.2-32 PCR Rotor 4 x 8-tube PCR strips 32 x 0.2 ml


Max. 13,500 rpm with 12-hole microrotor
Max. 12 microtubes or 32 PCR tubes
Compact design with automatic door release
Strong steel layered door with auto-lock function
Patented unique air-flow design
Minimized heat and noise generation
LCD display of speed and time remaining
Automatic RPM / RCF conversion
"PULSE" key for quick runs
Time setting to 30 min
Rapid acceleration and deceleration
Alarms for over-speed and over-heat
Snap-fit, autoclavable rotor
Complete with autoclavable 12-place fixed angle micro-rotor,
plastic rotor lid, and 12 adaptors for 0.2 ml PCR tube
Optional PCR rotor for 4 strips
Optional adaptors for 0.5 ml microtubes


Max. RPM/RCF 13,500/12,300 xg
Max. capacity 12 x 2.0 ml, 4 x 8-tube PCR strips
Time control Pulse or timed < 30 min
RPM/RCF conversion Yes
Noise level (dB) ≤56
Acc. time to max. speed ≤ 12 sec
Dec. time to max. speed ≤ 16 sec
Parameters on display window RPM(RCF), Oper Status, Door Open/Close, Min(sec)
Display Blue LCD
Safety lid lock Yes
Lid drop protection Yes
Automatic door release at completion Yes
Power supply (V/Hz) 110V
Dimension (W x D x H) 208mm x 245mm x 145mm
Weight without rotor (Kg) 4.4
CE mark Yes
Cat. No. CGM1312-110B

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